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Down-to-earth and a bit sarcastic… At our first encounter, these thoughts will come to you. But the more layers you will peel off this blonde onion, the more there is to discover. This is exactly my point of view to the world. I break layers and walls down and rebuild them in my own story. Shining a light on what we see but where the shadow has more to say.


My hands are my finest weapons and my irritations my greatest source of inspiration. I want to make the people on earth all a little bit happier. Seeking value in what we have, for yourself but also for each other. In my work people can discover things and values that we already have, but also what we can mean and do for each other.



Bredewater 24

2715 CA


Mobile 0621973995


KVK 81250924

BTW NL003550248B29

Are you a nice shop and are you interested in selling my works. Please feel free to contact me.

Dutch design week     Design perron/Eindhoven

You are the product of your own training

16/10/2021 - 24/10/2021

OBJECT Rotterdam     Rotterdam HAKA gebouw

Building with tiles

20/5/2022 - 22/15/2022

OBJECT Rotterdam     Rotterdam HAKA gebouw

10/2/2023- 12/2/2023


You are the product of your own training

23/06/2021 - 26/06/2021   

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